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2017 Presentations

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NumberRoomSpeakerDateTimeTitle – Description
1Grand PeninsulaTien/JaganWednesday9:00-10:30Welcome and Opening Keynote
2Grand PeninsulaElle Kuvvetli and Sergey Zhurbilo (Salesforce)Wednesday10:45-11:45ASC 606 Implementation Best Practices
3Grand PeninsulaJeff Johnson (EY)Wednesday11:45-12:45Revenue Operations Beyond Adoption
5Grand PeninsulaAmanda CarrilloWednesday1:45-2:45Zuora RevPro Demo and Q&A
6Regency BJackie Lyons, Bryan Urquhart (RGP)Wednesday1:45-2:45Ensuring Controls and Disclosures are not an Afterthought
7Regency APurvi Shah and Joel Moore (Fireeye)Wednesday3:00-4:00Business User Perspective for Hardware/Software Companies
8Regency BMonika Saha and Jennifer MeehanWednesday3:00-4:00Aligning Pricing and Revenue – Two Sides Of A Very Valuable Coin
9Regency CPhillip KaszubaWednesday3:00-4:00Preparing your Incentive Compensation Plans for New Revenue Standards
10Grand PeninsulaAshish Sharma (EA), Kevin Eckert (Salesforce), Janette Falls (Fortinet)Wednesday4:15-5:15RevPro Customer Panel
11Grand PeninsulaMonika Saha, Sai Prasad MarriThursday9:00-9:30The Next Wave Of Product Innovation In Revenue Management
12Grand PeninsulaEric Cappuccio; Pete Schraeder (PwC)Thursday9:30-10:30The Last Mile of ASC 606 Adoption
13Grand PeninsulaRoxanne Brady (Connor)Thursday10:45-11:45Practical Lessons for Revenue Automation Under ASC 606
14Grand PeninsulaSara Dioguardi, Lou Trebino, Jim Murphy (KPMG)Thursday11:45-12:45Converging Business and Technology to Address the Rev Rec Challenge
15Regency AAmanda CarrilloThursday1:45-2:45RevPro Deep Dive: Contract Modifications,Variable Consideration and Demo
16Regency BHaribabu PantakapuThursday1:45-2:45RevPro Implementation: Data Integration
17Regency CEric Cappuccio; Pete Schraeder (PwC)Thursday1:45-2:45The Ins and Outs of Data for ASC 606 Adoption
18Regency ASai MarriThursday3:00-4:00RevPro Product Roadmap – within Zuora Central and Standalone
19Regency BJacob Sperry (Connor)Thursday3:00-4:00Macro to Micro, Implementing Commissions Accounting Requirements under ASC 606
20Regency CSondi Kri, Aditya ToshniwalThursday3:00-4:00Ten RevPro Implementation Takeaways
21Grand PeninsulaThursday4:15-4:45Closing Session