Research presented by the Subscribed Institute

Payments are integral to subscription success, and catering to customer payment preference is key. Research from Zuora’s Subscribed Institute shows that choice of payment methods and currencies have strong correlations with business growth.

In this landmark report we will show data and key findings that illustrate:

  • Businesses that accept more payment methods grow their revenue and customer base faster
  • Business that accept more currencies grow their revenue and subscriber base faster
  • Businesses that accept more payment methods have more effective payment collection

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B2B sales cycles can be long and complex. The payment methods you offer can mean the difference between a new customer and a lost prospect. Zuora partner GoCardless have just released a report surveyed the payment preferences of 4,990 businesses across 9 markets around the world. Download your copy for free today and get the data-backed insights on how you can leverage payment preferences to optimise conversion today.