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IDC MaturityScape: Subscription Business Model Management

This report, written by Amy Konary, VP of Software Pricing and Licensing, and Mobile Enterprise Applications at IDC, was written for suppliers of products or services that are sold via subscription business models. It provides a framework of stages, critical measures, outcomes, and actions required for the effective management of subscription approaches.

According to Amy Konary, “A subscription business is a relationship business. One of the best aspects of the subscription model is that it enables a company to build a strong relationship with its customers. These relationships evolve differently than those involving a one-time transaction.”

By reading this report, you will learn: 

  • How to effectively start looking at your business from the customer perspective
  • What can you do to make it easier and more compelling for customers to do business with you over time
  • How to reduce or eliminate the friction associated with acquiring and managing subscription services in the B2B world and make it look more like what people are used to in the consumer (B2C) world

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