Webinar | ondemand

How Usage-Based Pricing Strategies Can Grow Your Revenue

with DigitalRoute and Zuora

Research shows that subscription businesses that have usage-based pricing grow revenue 1.5x higher compared to companies with no usage-based pricing.

As businesses continue to adapt and re-invent themselves post Covid-19, it’s more important than ever to rethink your overall pricing strategy to make sure you are minimising customer churn and aren’t leaving revenue on the table. Companies are embracing usage-based pricing models to allow their customers to pay based on their consumption. But, where do you get started with usage-based pricing, what’s the right metric to charge for, how do you track or throttle it and make sure it’s delivering customer value?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Usage-based pricing concepts and strategy
  • Why adopt a usage-based consumption model
  • Subscription economy data and benchmarks
  • How to automate the collection of usage data
  • Best practices on how to create and deliver usage-based pricing
  • And More!


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