Blueprint for a Subscriber-Centric OTT Video Business

OTT video subscribers have evolved from anonymous numbers on a chart to become your primary customer base. This essentially means that your entire business from acquisition to service delivery to renewals and upsells must be centered around your subscribers. This renewed focus on subscriber relationships, and the strategies to develop, monetize and maintain these relationships is what we call OTT Video 2.0.

While perhaps seeming simple at first glance, implementing the OTT Video 2.0 strategy has considerable implications on your current media infrastructure and business processes. This blueprint, based on best practices that Zuora has arrived at working with leading media companies, attempts to highlight the five key areas for you to consider when developing or transitioning to a subscriber-centric OTT Video 2.0 platform:

  • Pricing, Packaging and Marketing
  • Subscriber Management & Support
  • Commerce, Billing, Finance
  • Multi-screen Video Fulfillment
  • Reporting and Analytics

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