10 Budgeting Considerations for Industrial Manufacturers Targeting Digital Transformation in 2021

Planning ahead for your IoT recurring revenue offer

Is your manufacturing company one of the 90% of companies that are looking for pockets of growth and innovation to fill the sales pipeline in 2021?

Designing a new recurring revenue offer is one thing — planning and budgeting is another. If your 2021 plans include new service offerings, have you budgeted for them accordingly?

This ebook summarizes the top 10 considerations for 2021 budget preparations to ensure a successful launch of new recurring revenue offering in the new year, including:

  • Identifying your TAM and prioritizing top accounts for Q1 2021
  • Calculating required incentives to compensate trade channels
  • Validating sales plan, pricing, and margins
  • Preparing for billing and collecting challenges
    And more!

Don’t launch your subscription or pay-per-use innovation without the proper preparations — download this budgeting playbook now!


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