Central Product Catalog

Price and package in minutes without having to re-code or re-engineer back office systems

Conveyor Belt

Test new subscription pricing models … fast

Every time you need to change pricing or packaging, Zuora lets you quickly do so in our configurable and easy-to-use UI. No more re-coding on the backend; no more interrupting your existing customers’ subscriptions.


Change a pricing plan for any product instantly

40+ Charge Models

Choose from a variety of charge models ranging from one-time to recurring to consumption charges

Choose When to Bill

Charge immediately upon sign-up or after a customer event

Choose How You Bill

Bill whenever you want, whether it’s monthly, annually, or quarterly

Design Strategic Pricing Plans that Help Your Business Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Create different pricing plans for each product in your product catalog by mixing and matching different pricing strategies


Charge customers based on how much they use


Incentivize people. The more they buy, the cheaper it gets


Get creative. Offer discounts, coupons, and promotional periods

Billing Frequency

Bill customers annually, monthly, weekly, all the way down to the day

Billing Triggers

Bill upon sign-up, fulfillment, or activation

Billing Timing

Batch in-advance, in-arrears, or ad-hoc

Update Price Across Every Channel in One Central Location

It’s hard to keep track of where prices are shown and even harder to update all of these prices one by one. With the Pricing Engine, changes are made in a central UI so they are instantly updated across multiple channels.

Pricing Engine

Change Pricing without Worrying about Downstream Impacts

Thanks to being part of the Central Platform, the Pricing Engine automatically applies billing, tax, and revenue rules to every single charge so you don’t need your engineers to re-code every process

Rules Engine