Central Platform

Run your dynamic order-to-revenue process on Zuora Central

Zuora Central: The Subscription Economy® Platform

Your systems today can’t handle a dynamic order-to-revenue process. That’s why we built Zuora Central. Zuora Central is the world’s only subscription order-to-revenue platform that makes it much easier for companies to manage ongoing subscriber relationships and keep up with fast changing go-to-market strategies.

Central Hub for Order-to-Revenue Ecosystem

Extend and integrate Zuora into the rest of your ecosystem. Instead of relying on manual workarounds and clunky customizations, you can connect everything related to subscriptions back to the Central Platform.

24x7 Monitoring. Always ready.

Zuora is a cloud platform hosted on both private and public clouds. We follow industry-standard protocols for storage, backup, and redundancy.

International data residency

24x7 monitoring by the Zuora Operations Center

Industry standard disaster recovery and data replication

Central Security Model


We safeguard information with government-level encryption. Every node in our infrastructure is protected with firewalls and network intrusion detection systems. And we meet a long list of industry compliance standards.

IP Address range Restrictions

Authentification unique (SSO)

Data access controls

2 Factor Authentication

Trusted by Global Enterprises

  • $10 billion in quarterly invoice transaction volume
  • 2.5B+ API transactions processed per month
  • 40ms average response time for all integrations

“Without a very scalable and flexible billing engine, we really can’t manage end-to-end user interface. Zuora is very important for any SaaS product.”

-Eric S. Yuan, Founder and CEO at Zoom

“Our relationship with Zuora is important to us because Zuora is helping us transition from a lot of manual-based subscriptions to fully automating that process.”

Tom Bucklar, Director of IoT and Channel Solutions at Caterpillar

“Zuora’s strength lies in its hugely knowledgeable team who are able to understand a business problem and provide a technology solution. They embed themselves within the business and take a vested interest in ensuring success, not only for implementation but throughout the product life.”

– David Magliano, Managing Director, Membership, Marketing and Consumer Revenue

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