"Zuora was really easy to embed into the Informatica Cloud." — Darren Cunningham, VP of Marketing

Company Informatica
Industry Cloud Infrastructure

The Customer

Informatica provides data integration software and services.

The Challenge

As they launched a new pay-as-you-go cloud service, they needed a subscription system that could handle a wide range of prices and packages.

The Solution

Zuora offered a full-spectrum subscription management solution that simplified pricing, packaging, and billing.

The Benefits

Informatica boasts a 95% customer renewal rate.

"With Zuora, we have the right commerce tools to provide our customers with the self-service capabilities to buy only the cloud data integration services they need when they need them.” — Ron Papas, General Manager, Informatica Cloud

Informatica's Story

Zuora implemented Informatica's brand-new subscription service model in less than 60 days.

Informatica is the leading provider of data integration software. More than 4,200 enterprises—including 84% of Fortune 100 companies—rely on Informatica to process and integrate their information, whether it's within the enterprise, off-premise, or in the Cloud.

Informatica saw an opportunity to become the first provider to offer data integration in the cloud on a pay-as-you-go subscription model. Informatica Cloud wanted a complete order-to-renewal solution to launch the new service, Informatica Cloud Express. They needed a platform that could support month-to-month subscriptions based on metered consumption. Finally, the Informatica Cloud team wanted to differentiate pricing and packaging for different editions, and offer tiered pricing.

At the same time, customers needed self-service capability and the option to purchase after a 30-day free trial.

Informatica Cloud chose Zuora for its ease of use and speed of deployment. They launched Informatica Cloud Express with self-service capabilities in a blazing 60 days. “Zuora was really easy to embed into the Informatica Cloud.”

Now, Informatica Cloud offers seven different pricing tiers. Informatica’s customers can purchase immediately or sign up for a free 30-day trial. Subscribers can also monitor their consumption, and Informatica sales can engage if consumption gets close to the plan maximum.

By 2011, 1,300 companies were using Informatica Cloud Express. In 2014, it’s more than 2,000.

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